Nicole Grasse

Assistant Professor,
General Education (Bio)

Nicole has supported Kendall students as a Writing Support Specialist and is now a faculty member in the General Education department. She shares with us some effective techniques for using Blackboard announcements as a mode to teach course content and skills.



This week in ENG 112 introduces the idea of ethos, logos and pathos. This can be a difficult subject for students to keep straight, so I chose a short,  but comprehensive video to include so if students are having trouble, they easily watch the video. My goal for Announcements is to have as little text as possible while still adequately explaining the ideas and to include a visual aid. (Click to enlarge the image.)




Quote, Paraphrase, Summarize

This is a Week 8 Announcement for ENG 112. This week I introduce students to the practices of Quoting, Paraphrasing and Summarizing other people's work in their own writing. Students  often mix them up, so it's important to give them clear definitions. Often I use examples as well. Another skill that is introduced is the use of signal phrases, so that's another idea I put in a different colored font. I try to make the Announcements as brief as possible while providing the basic concepts and why they are important or how they fit into the class. (Click to enlarge the image.)