As part of the Faculty Professional Development opportunities, scholarships are available for faculty members or teams of faculty members teaching full‐time at Kendall College. In the case of faculty teams, part time faculty are also welcome to participate, as long as the application is presented by a full-time faculty member.

Scholarships will be available for faculty to conduct applied research directly related to:

  • Innovative teaching‐learning initiatives that impact the education of Kendall College students
  • Innovative studies and proposals related to the Baking and Pastry, Business, Culinary Arts, Early Childhood Education, General Education or Hospitality Management industries  

Through the present scholarship, each of the selected projects can choose to:

  • be awarded funds up to $1,500 to the team, to be spent on project‐related resources OR
  • allow the project leader to receive a teaching reduction equivalent to one 4‐credit hour course

Application Requirements

The application must contain the following application sections:
Format Requirements: Times New Roman, 12pt font

Cover Page

  • Title of scholarship proposal
  • Name and contact information of participating faculty members
  • Project Abstract of no more than 300 words

(1 page)

Background & Significance

  • Updated background description and relevant literature review
  • Significance of the issue to be addressed by the research project, and the gap in existing research on the topic that the project will address.

(1 page)

Project Description

  • Statement of need/problem to be addressed
  • Description of program goals and measurable objectives  
  • Description of activities planned to accomplish these goals  
  • Description of the time allocation to participating members
  • Description of Research Design & Methods, specifically, how data will be collected,
  • analyzed, and interpreted
  • Description of how the research will benefit Kendall College

(2‐3 pages)


Identification of all costs necessary to achieve the expected results of the project, up to a
maximum of $1,500 OR the project leader may receive 1 course reduction equivalent to
a 4 credit course
(1 page)

Dissemination of Project Findings

Presentations and publications where results are expected to be made public
(1 page)

*: budget is only required for applications requesting economic support)

Application Process

  1. Interested research parties are to complete the online application form (<‐CLICK HERE) fully. Please save a copy to your local computer.
  2. Once submitted, a committee will take into consideration the budgetary limitations and review applications regarding the following aspects of the proposal:
    • Relevancy and institutional interest (30%)
    • Scientific rigor and realistic planning of the project (20%)
    • Applicability and transferability of initiative (20%)
    • Social benefits and direct impact on the local community (10%)
    • Appropriateness of budget or time dedication (10%)
    • Team proposals will be preferable to individual proposals (10%)
  3. Applicant(s) will receive a response from the committee within one month of submission

Application Review Committee

  • The Chair of the Kendall College Faculty Rank and Development Committee
  • One representative of the Kendall College Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL)
  • One Program Leader, depending on program relevancy and/or expertise
  • The chief academic officer; Kendall College Provost
  • A representative of the Academic Research unit of the Learning & Innovation Office (LIO)

Research Ethics Statement

Final approval of the project will require full compliance with Kendall’s regulations regarding research
ethics and the protection of human subjects in research (IRB). Pre‐approved projects must obtain IRB
approval before beginning the research project.


To view examples of previous applications, click here. You will need to sign in using your O365 credentials.


Abstracts are due by Friday, September 29. Submit your abstract and/or application to the Center for Teaching and Learning at Please reach out to the Center for Teaching and Learning for any support on completing any part of the scholarship application.