What is KC Alerts?

Previously known as Academic Alert, KC Alert is an early alert system designed to promote student success and improve retention at Kendall College. By taking a proactive approach, this tool allows instructors to easily notify the appropriate support services to ensure that students receive the 'just-in-time' support they need.

Why should I use KC Alerts?

  • To identify students who may be struggling and isolate any underlying issues that might be preventing student success
  • To connect students with the appropriate campus services so that they can get ‘just-in-time’ support
  • To partner with available support services on campus to develop a plan to support students

What are the reasons to refer a student using KC Alerts?

  • Unsatisfactory attendance
  • Not meeting deadlines or submitting work
  • Lack of engagement/participation
  • Need for academic tutoring
  • To report an urgent incident
  • To report an on-going behavioral problem
  • To report an instance of academic dishonesty

How do I use KC Alerts?

Step #1: Log into the Kendall College Portal

Step #2: Click on the link entitled "KC Alerts"

Step #3: Respond to the questions on the form

Step #4: Submit the form by clicking the "Save" button

For more information

For more information, please contact:

Amanda Moller, Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Quality Assurance

Meredith Tumilty, Manager of the ASC