Basic Expectations for Faculty

All faculty, whether teaching on-campus or online, receive a Blackboard site for each course they are teaching and are expected to

  • Post contact information (i.e., Kendall College e-mail address, phone number, short bio, and office hours)
  • Post a welcome announcement
  • Post a complete syllabus (approved by their departments)
  • Set up and maintain the Grade Center

Online faculty

Faculty teaching online courses are also expected to

  • Post an introduction on a discussion board that is generally ungraded, and does not count toward first week participation(e.g., Student Lounge)
  • Identify a clear location where students can ask questions throughout the term about the course and the instructor's expectations (e.g., Ask the Professor)
  • Be visible and active in the course site by accessing the course five times a week for 200 hundred minutes to let students know you are involved and attentive
  • Post an updated class announcement at least three (3) times weekly
  • Facilitate online discussions actively to promote critical thinking, community-building, and idea and experience sharing
  • Remain aware of all students’ activity levels and privately contact students through the classroom who are not participating actively
  • Grade assignments in a timely manner and provide feedback within 7 calendar days of assignment due dates