Beau Golwitzer

General Education (Bio)

Beau teaches English composition and literature appreciation online and on-ground at Kendall. In the fall of 2017, he will also be adding COM 101 (Effective Communication Skills) to his repertoire. He leads a group on our company Yammer community on Gamification, exploring ways to further engage our students by integrating games and game-like learning to help in the acquisition of content and skills. 


Improv in the Classroom

Beau recently published an article explaining how faculty can employ several basic concepts of improv to create a collaborative, supportive and student-centered learning environment.  Without spoiling what is actually in the piece, let's just say that he discusses three main concepts: “Yes, and…,” “Your first answer is your best answer,” and “Improvising around the lesson plan,” which act as effective instructional strategies in the classroom. Think about how you they can work in your own classes, both online and on-ground! The article appeared on Monday on Faculty Focus and can be read here.


He has also authored two pieces and co-authored one right here on Teaching Toolbox: