For Giving Prompt Feedback

Knowing what you know and don’t know focuses your learning. In getting started, students need help in assessing their existing knowledge and competence. Then, students need frequent opportunities to perform and receive feedback on their performance, as well as opportunities to reflect on that feedback and guidance on how to apply that feedback in future learning. 

Setting Up the Grade Center in Blackboard

Grade Center is a central repository for assessment data, student information, and instructor notes. The Grade Center is made up of rows and columns of student information and gradable items. Cells in the grid contain data specific to corresponding students. All cells and column headings contain menus with additional actions. 

1.  To add a column, click Create Column.

2.  Enter the following information:

  • Column Name (required)
  • Description
  • Primary Display (Score, Letter, Text, Percentage, Complete/Incomplete, Kendall Grades)
  • Secondary Display (Note: This display is only visible to instructors.)
  • Category
  • Points Possible (required)

3.  Click Submit.

Note: Grade columns are automatically added for assignments, discussion boards, and tests. There are times when assignments are physical items turned in. In those cases, instructors will need to manually Add a column.

Providing Feedback to Students in Blackboard

When a student submits an assignment through Blackboard, it is stored in the Grade Center as an "attempt". You can record the number of points a student earns on an assignment, as well as provide timely, specific, student-centered feedback that is connected to course outcomes. You can provide feedback via a Quick Comment, in a rubric, and/or directly on the assignment document.

1.  In the Grade Center, click on the chevron to the right of the green exclamation point for the student whose attempt you want to view. You can click View Grade Details (and then click View Attempt) or click Attempt [Date and Score] from the drop-down menu.

2.  If you clicked View Grade Details, you will see the Grade Details screen. By clicking on Manual Override, you can enter a grade and provide feedback in the box labeled "Feedback to Learner".

If you clicked Attempt [Date and Score], you will see the Grade Assignment screen. You can annotate directly within the browser on files  uploaded and converted for display in the inline viewer. You can assign a grade, provide feedback, and make notes for yourself.