For Communicating High Expectations

Expect more and you will get it. High expectations are important for everyone—for the poorly prepared, for those unwilling to exert themselves, and for the bright and well motivated. Expecting students to perform well becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Posting an Announcement in Blackboard

You can post announcements in your course for many reasons, including

  • updates on course assignments, homework, and projects
  • reminders about deadlines for posting to the discussion board, submitting assignments, etc.
  • positive comments about things you observed on discussion boards and/or student work
  • relevant "current events" that help students connect course content to the real world

1.  Click Announcements on the course menu.

2.  Click Create Announcement.

3.  Enter a subject and message.

4.  Select date and time restrictions if you want to make an announcement available to students only after a certain day and time.

Uploading a Syllabus in Blackboard

You should receive a syllabus from your department for your course, or the syllabus may already be uploaded into your Blackboard course site. In either case, you should add your contact information to the front page of the syllabus before uploading into Blackboard.

1.  Click Syllabus on the course menu. If the course site already includes a syllabus, you can click the link to download the document and add your contact information.

2.  Click the chevron next to the item, and then click Edit.

3.  On the Edit Item screen and under "Attachments," click Browse My Computer to search for your file.

4.  Type a Link Title so the file name does not appear in your course.

5.  If there was already a syllabus in your course, click Mark for Removal next to the file you want to remove (and replace with the one you selected in step 3).