For Respecting Diverse Talents and Ways of Learning

By providing multiple types of resources (i.e., text, images, graphics, external Web site links, audio, video, animation, discussion board), learning is enhanced for all types of students no matter if their preferred learning style is aural, kinesthetic, linguistic, multimodal, or visual.

Uploading Content in Blackboard

Instructors can add an item to a content area (e.g., Course Documents), and attach a file (e.g., assignment guidelines and rubric prepared in Microsoft Word) for students to download to their computers. You can also attach media, such as an image, or an audio or video clip. (Note: You can also upload these media types separately using the "Audio," "Image," and "Video" choices on the drop-down box under Build Content. Attaching the media to an item gives you the option to include a text description.

1.  Click on the content area (e.g., Course Documents) on the course menu.

2.  Click Build Content, and then click item (or media type, such as Audio, Image, or Video).

3.  Enter a name. Depending on whether you created an item or a media type, you will have a variety of options, including selecting a date and time restriction.

4.  Click Submit